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Jorge Gómez Sancha

Co Founder TinyBird

I’m an entrepreneur and executive with more than 15 years of experience in leadership positions as General Manager, Chief Product Officer or VP of Engineering.

The 7th in a family of 7 incredibly talented and competitive siblings, I learnt instinctively and very soon that people skills were my top skills and emotional intelligence the best way to thrive.

As Chief Development Officer at CARTO, I’m responsible both for setting a compelling and ambitious Product Vision and Roadmap as well as seeing it executed. I joined CARTO as VP of Engineering, where I helped double the size of the engineering team and introduced new practices and processes to accompany such growth and to attract and retain some of the best developers and designers in the industry.

I am most proud of BeBanjo, the company I co-founded in 2008 and led for 6 years. BeBanjo, which was acquired by the TDF group, is a global leader in the Video On Demand SaaS industry, counts some of the best content brands and Hollywood Studios as its main customers and continues to go from strength to strength 10 years after its creation.

I started building Digital Products back when Netscape was still the hottest browser. With a background in Software Engineering, I pretty soon found myself managing teams of developers and designers. There are few things that I appreciate more than working with talented people and thus I obsess about how teams should work, how to best develop software and successful products, how to optimise for happiness as well as for productivity and how to build an inclusive company culture that can attract and retain the most talented.

Proud dad of 2, a runner, a reader, a self-improvement enthusiast and I have been known to take up all kinds of hobbies, from Tango Dancing to Treehouse building and everything in between.

I organise my thoughts about management, startups and technology through the occasional article in my blog (https://medium.com/@jorgesancha)